QnA Maker

More bots, this is time they are answering your questions. I heard about this on .NET Rocks #1410.

With Qna Maker you can point a bot to a FAQ. The bot will then be able to understand questions from your FAQ in natural language, allowing it to response with a useful answer.

Try it out

WordPress doesn’t allow iframes, so I can’t embed the web version here, instead clik the link below:

Try out my QnA bot for Velo Antwerpen here

Look at the FAQ source to get a sense of which topics you can ask questions about.

I expected more from the natural language capabilities. But, maybe it’s also the poor English translations from the FAQ. I mean, “How to proceed to use Velo”. C’mon, nobody talks like that. Looks like they got their translations from a bot to begin with.

Still, lot of things happening around bots, at this pace we might have replicants among us before the new Blade Runner is out!

Under the hood

This is powered by Azure Bot Service, the QnA Maker is apparently just a template of this service. Since this all integrates with Bot Framework, the options to connect with other channels (Skype, SMS, Slack, …) are impressive.

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QnA Maker

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