The bots are running the Internet

Two inspiring applications of natural language processing I came across recently, the authors blogged and open sourced it, so jump to their posts for the full report.

Making Your Music Choose Your Desktop Wallpaper, his approach summarized:

  1. Read song title and artist
    1. That’s straightforward
  2. Get lyrics for song
    1. Ofcourse, I’m not surprised you can find the lyrics of songs on the Internet
  3. Analyze sentiment of lyrics
    1. Smart, I wasn’t aware of IBM Watson’s Alchemy Language
  4. Search Flickr images with keywords from sentiment analysis and set desktop wallpaper
    1. Nice, this ties it all together!

And This Machine Turns President Tweets into Planned Parenthood Donations, in short:

  1. Follow President‘s tweets
  2. When a publicly traded company is mentioned, analyze sentiment of the tweet
    1. This uses Google’s Natural Language API
  3. Depending on sentiment, trade stock

Automation in stock trading is not new, but I thought it was a smart demo, to do it based on the statements of a person that influences a lot of people’s opinions and actions.

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The bots are running the Internet

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