Travel from your desk like this

I’m not a digital nomad, but spend my days stuck at a desk. So as the second best thing, I pretend that I’m out there traveling and developing remotely, by setting the desktop wallpaper of my second screen to some exotic place.


Seriously though, this also helps great in reducing stress on the job, by giving you a philosophical perspective on things that stops you from worrying about unimportant things, try it!

Anyway, I like reddit’s EarthPorn which I use regularly for downloading wallpapers. Looking to automate this task, I was surprised I had a hard time finding something for Windows.

There is a workaround to have Windows use an RSS feed to update your wallpaper, but it expects it in a different format than reddit provides.

So I quickly threw something together and a colleague improved it with a UI.
So here it is as simple as it can be, it sits in your system tray and regularly updates your wallpaper:

Enjoy and pretend to be a digital nomad for a day 😉

Theme music for this blog post


Travel from your desk like this

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